Goal 60: listener-contestant on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

I called the Wait Wait phone number in the spring but never got a call back. A few weeks ago I sent an email, mentioning two semi-interesting things (our town, Friendsville, was so called because it was originally a planned community for Quakers; and I have fun staffing Ask Here PA, live chat reference). An extremely nice Wait Wait staffer called me. I was on standby last week and tonight got to be the first caller, playing “Carl’s Countdown.” The really cool part was hearing the warm-up. Live, it’s a 2-hour show, which they edit down to the best bits. I would love to see it in person someday. It was very exciting–nerve-wracking to be on the phone waiting!–and I got all 3 questions right (although I was kinda disappointed they even tackled the topic of the last one, as you’ll hear if you listen). Tomorrow I’m supposed to get a call about the details of the prize–Carl Kasell on our answering machine! That’s the very first of my 101 in 1001 days list done. Woo-hoo/w00t!