I did it, and it was GREAT!

Raw time 4:51:49, standing 1318 out of 1755 starters! I never hit the wall, I never “suffered,” I felt better at miles 21 & 22 than I did at 11& 12…and after mile 20, nobody passed me and I passed everyone I saw! Oh, and I LAUGHED at their puny hills! I eat those for breakfast!

I have stories & pictures & lots more to blog…tomorrow. Tonight is for resting & celebrating. I’m going to be wearing a huge grin (and my medal) for the next few days!

Mark, Dianna, Marshall, Mike, I hope all your races were terrific!

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  1. Congratulations!!! I’ll bet you didn’t cry. Got up this am and went to check the results list. You weren’t on it! Freak out time…then I looked at the date, 2003! Instant relief!! Wasn’t there as promised…details on Tuesday.

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