Ahlberg, Allan – The Better Brown Stories, 1995 – B+

Crowley, Chris & Henry S. Lodge – Younger Next Year For Women: Live Like You’re 50–Strong, Fit, Sexy–Until You’re 80 and Beyond, 2005 – A-. A+ for content–every woman should read this book (and every man the first Younger Next Year). Points off for lack of an index and a slightly annoying style (not wildly annoying, just some damn repetition, to imitate Crowley’s voice).

Curtis, Christopher Paul – Mr. Chickee’s Funny Money, 2005 – A-. James Brown on the quadrillion-dollar bill! Gotta love it!

Funke, Cornelia – The Thief Lord, 2000 – B-

McKenna, Paul – Change Your Life in 7 Days: The World’s Leading Hypnotist Shows You How, 2004 – B

Spinelli, Jerry – Wringer, 1997 – B+

Wersba, Barbara – Walter: The Story of a Rat, 2005 – A-