Panda-monium in Mom's Kitchen

or "Panda? Mom, I um . . . ."

I have a very cool mother.

In 1995, when I remarked in passing that the panda-themed wallpaper in her kitchen could be enhanced by an artistic embellishment of said pandas with sports paraphernalia . . . Mom invited me to do so.

I was 32 years old at the time -- well beyond what most artists consider their prime for drawings on their parents' walls.

And when the watercolor marker began to fade, Mom invited me to embolden my original lines with something more indelible.

Over a decade later, it is time for the wallpaper to be replaced. Since the Smithsonian (home of Julia Child's former kitchen) has not made an offer, this online gallery will serve as posterity's document of the kitchen installation.

Please note that I did not draw the pandas -- only their accoutrements.

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