Miles for the week: 10 (2/1/2/5)
5 miles LSD: 59:38, average HR 151
Weight: 119
Resting heart rate: 49
Fitness test: 44

Five miles is almost starting to feel effortless (the hills are are still a challenge, but when I get home I don’t feel exhausted or anything). On the flat parts I barely notice or hear my breathing (around 140-145 HR)–that’s what long slow distance should be, I guess! My one miler is still “intervals,” but I really think I’m doing those wrong. If I want to do speedwork at all I should probably go to the high school track. That’s just such a pain!

Transitioning to summer already–the swallows are back. The Canada goslings (saw them Friday, not today) are at least 4 times as big as two weeks ago. Dandelions have gone to seed already. Wild strawberry, honeysuckle, Russian olive, lilacs, winter cress, apple trees, Canada mayflower, starflower, lots more in bloom. I saw a new-to-me wildflower: fringed polygala. This is turning into “Hilary’s marathon blog & nature diary,” I know, but that’s one of my incentives for running. I was looking through a book called The Path: A One-Mile Walk Through the Universe by Chet Raymo–about his walk to work every day for 37 years and what he’s noticed. That’s what I like to do: see the changes in the familiar.

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