Ugh, Covid!

Oh ugh. I was about to send emails to my close family notifying them of the donation & surgery date (I haven’t told them a thing yet) and my coordinator calls to check on me with regards to the covid spike. Because this surgery is totally unnecessary for me, they are more hesitant about bringing me in. And Dec 9th will be at the peak of post-Thanksgiving-foolish-get-togethers surging – our area isn’t as bad as some, but positivity is over 4% as of last week and cases are climbing. I don’t want to postpone! But I also don’t want to do anything risky, and I don’t want to freak out my family if it turns out they cancel on me anyway… My coordinator is going to talk to the team and get back to me. Ugh!

Clarification: Think of this as a cry of frustration, not a decision to plow ahead. I don’t want to skip travel and parties and movies either but I do/will. “I don’t have to like it” is our big motto around here for the things we know we need to do but resent. Anyway, I’ll be guided by my team (I haven’t heard back from my coordinator yet). If we have to postpone, it will probably be until spring at the earliest and I’ll need to retake all the tests. A very tiny, invisible-to-the-naked-eye deal compared to what 2020 has taken from so many.

Silver lining (I can almost always find at least one): if surgery is cancelled I won’t have to do bowel prep on my birthday!

I thought going into this that it was akin to running a marathon. I’ve done that 3 times (looking forward to doing another someday) and it’s sure proved to be an apt comparison. Hold you head up and keep going…