Getting faster again?

I ran a timed mile at the Smith College track at the 3-month mark (March 9th) and again a few days ago, but alas I just used the Fitbit stopwatch, forgetting that it doesn’t save to the dashboard. I’m sure both were under 11 minutes and pretty sure the most recent one was 10:48 or so, which is better than January’s speed. More time since the surgery may be helping, but also I’ve been rigorous about doing the 7-minute workout every day since late January, followed by pull-ups. I’ve done strength workouts off and on before but never kept it up for very long. It’s even more important as I age, and now that I have a long streak going in the phone app it’s much easier to want to continue that investment. Apps creating external accountability really work for me!

I’m half-vaxxed (second Pfizer next Wednesday) and looking forward to May when I’ll be fully vaccinated and will start ramping up to marathon training. I’ll stick to my same Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer schedule; it’s worked so well in the past, why mess with a good thing?