Training plan

I’ve run three marathons with the same plan, so why break the streak? This is the Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer schedule, which is probably about the minimum mileage possible. Because I’m such a slow runner, that helps keep the time commitment reasonable. And I’m not aiming for a PR… I don’t think I’ll ever break 5 hours again, but if I could at least beat my New York Marathon time (5:19), that would be fantastic.

I would love to fit some races into the training schedule. Bridge of Flowers, normally in August, hasn’t announced a date yet. Update 8/5: cancelled, may never happen again! The Frozen Yogurt 5K is only tentatively set for 8/27, so I didn’t put that in yet. Update 8/5: Frozen Yogurt is virtual again, which I’m not thrilled about, and is giving out a coupon for the brand Yasso instead of local Go-Berry, which I hate, but since I ran it virtually before I will again. I see that Impact Racing is currently holding some of their annual events but at different times. Also the registration fees have gone way up, which shouldn’t be a surprise I suppose. I went ahead and signed up for the Black Birch 10-miler (only the second time it’s been held and will be new to me) and the Fort Hill 5K (ran once in 2019).

My current mileage is only about 8-10/week so I’ll start ramping up soon (targets 10 miles week of 5/24, 11 week of 5/31, 12 week of 6/7, 13 week of 6/14, 14 week of 6/21).

 date (Mon)Weekday 1Weekday 2Weekday 3SunTotal
week 1Jun 21333615
week 2Jun 28343616
week 3Jul 5343717
week 4Jul 12353819
week 5Jul 193531021
week 6Jul 264541124
week 7Aug 24641226
week 8Aug 94641428
week 9Aug 161 + Frozen Yogurt 5K741631
week 10Aug 235851634
week 11Aug 305851634
week 12Sep 65185Black Birch 1038
week 13Sep 135851836
week 14Sep 20582 + Meadows Run 5K927
week 15Sep 27358Fort Hill 5K19
week 16Oct 43walk 326.229.2