One year out – all numbers green!

It’s been more than a year since my donation, so I had my next-to-last follow-up at Baystate (one more at 2 years and then they officially stop tracking). The Captain, my solo right kidney, has really stepped up. My values are all back in the normal range for someone with both kidneys. We have excess capacity to start with, and the remaining kidney grows to make up for the loss, but I didn’t expect it would get this far… amazing to see all the results turn green in the patient portal! And Chris is doing well. I’m so so glad I embarked on this adventure and recorded at least parts of it. For something that took up so much of my time and energy for several years, it recedes into the distant past surprisingly quickly.

Reference rangePre-surgeryDay after6 weeks6 months1 year
Creatinine (mg/dl)0.5-
EGFR (ml/min/[height^2)> 609650565461
Protein, urine (mg/dl)0-12161612
Micro-albumin< 2012.6< 12< 12
Urine creatinine (mg/dl)20-275183.5164.4144.2

I still haven’t gotten back to finish the actual marathon reports, but I will backdate if/when. I finished and enjoyed it overall, but it was the hardest of the four I’ve done. I blame aging and not kidney donation. Next time I’ll do the Hartford half marathon – it’s the same beautiful course and the celebrations are still going when they get back…

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