Tomorrow Is Yesterday

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Tomorrow Is Yesterday
[D. Joachim – J. Caws-Elwitt – C. Zayleskie]

I'm After You
[J. Caws-Elwitt]

[C. Zayleskie – J. Caws-Elwitt]

Milly Bailey
[M. Fiato – J. Caws-Elwitt]

I Remember Everything
[S. Elwitt – B. Miller – H. Najarian]

Jonathan Caws-Elwitt: voc. platter w/ tamb. garnish
Sam Elwitt: Xtra-hot gtr, side vocs.
Michael E. Fiato: chef's bass gtr special
Dave Joachim: lg. drum sandw., tamb., shaker
Charlie Zayleskie: keybd. chowder (bowl), side vocs.
Belinda Miller: voc. casserole
horns x3 (Oren Sarch, John Villone, Gary Shevell)

Recorded at Electric Muffinland by Charlie Zayleskie and Sam Elwitt.
Produced by the Silly Pillows. and (P) 2000. All rights reserved.
All songs published by Strangest Songs (ASCAP).
Thanks to Christine and August, Hilary, Terri, and Hovakim. Additional help came from Bartleby, Frances Reed, David Cohen, Alfred Woo, Bob Damiano, and Mr. Coy.
Front cover: Tomorrow Is Yesterday, after Marc Chagall, by JC-E


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