featuring Silly Pillows or Jonathan Caws-Elwitt recordings

USA Goes Pop [cass. Lonely Whistle 1990]
Smash! Tinkle [LP Pico 1993]
Dopey [cass. Pop Cult ca. 1993]
Produce [cass. SET 1993]
Sassy [cass. ca. 1994]
Candybars [double 7" album Little Teddy 1995]
A Perfect Pop Compilation [CD Perfect Pop 1995]
McBain [cass. ca. 1996]
I've Got It Now [cass. Shelflife 1997]
Starring Nao [cass. Rover ca. 1999]
Woosh! [CD Little Teddy ca. 2000]
I Am a Victim of This Song [CD Baka-Poi ca. 2000]
Bestrummed! [CD Perfect Pop 2001]
Sofa 2 [CD Sofa 2001]
Snowstorm [CD Elefant 2001]
Floosh! [CD Little Teddy 2002]
Happy Happy Birthday to Me vol. 3 [CD Happy Happy Birthday to Me ca. 2003]
Cassette Culture Compilation vol. 1 [double CD Cassette Culture 2006]
Someone to Share My Life With [LP But is it Art? 2006]
I Would Write a Thousand Words [CD The Beautiful Music 2007]
Popfest! New England 2007 Song Sampler (follow link for free album download) [CD Skipping Stones 2007]
Popfest! 5th Anniversary Suitcase Comp [double CD Skipping Stones 2008]
Series Two Records Compilation Volume 6 [CD Series Two 2008]
Tweest and Shout [LP/CD Perfect Pop 2011]



Mud Pie, New Swing Mood Things/Two at Noon [cass. 1992; one Silly Pillows cover]
Hazeltones, Scratch the Surface [7" EP Hoppel di Hoy 1993; a Sam solo record, one track co-written w/ Jonathan]
Tables, Holiday at Wobbledef Grunch [CD Perfect Pop 1997; one track written by Jonathan]
V.A., Friendly Society [CD Harriet 1998; one track features Linda, co-written w/ Jonathan]
V.A., Grok This! [CD Medicine Park 1998; one track features Charlie, co-written w/ Jonathan]
V.A., Meet Me on the Other Side [CD Medicine Park 1999; one track features Charlie, co-written w/ Jonathan]
Dupont Circles, 53 Bicycles [7" EP Cara 1999; one track co-produced by Jonathan]
V.A., Starflower [CD Medicine Park 2000; one track features Charlie + Dave & Sam, co-written w/ Jonathan]
Nada Surf, If I Had a Hi-Fi [CD/LP Mardev 2010; one Silly Pillows cover]


groups with which members of the Silly Pillows
have recorded and/or performed

Adam Marsland Chaos Band [incl. Charlie]
Beyond Blue [incl. Dave]
Blue Eyed Sun [incl. Dave]
Bouva [incl. Michael]
Cockeyed Ghost [incl. Charlie]
The Cost of Living [incl. Sam]
Dark Roads [incl. Michael]
The Degrads [incl. Jonathan, Sam]
The Hi-Risers [incl. Christopher]
Linda Smith
The Liz Jee Band [incl. Michael]
The Neos [incl. Charlie]
The Nutley Brass [Sam]
Sea Monkeys [incl. Sam]
The Small Potatoes [incl. Sam]
The Spittoons [incl. Sam]
The Squires of the Subterrain [Christopher]
The Stew Ensemble [incl. Charlie]
Tavern Tan [incl. Dave]
The Underthings [incl. Sam]
The Window Shoppers [incl. Linda]


Belinda Miller, DJ
Dave Joachim, cookbook author and editor
Jonathan Caws-Elwitt, humorist and playwright


The Bovine Music Show
Breakfast of Champions
No Pigeonholes
Under the Floorboards


"How I Discovered Music" interviews with Jonathan and Hilary (with someone else's sentence about a Beatles-hip dad extraneously pasted in) from Caught In Flux #3 [published September, 1994]

Interview with Jonathan at Feels Like December blog [June, 2005]

Interview with Jonathan at Under Blue Skies blog [July, 2005]

Cubes, a film that includes a Silly Pillows track

Anyone for Silly Pillows ringtones?

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