lyrics (c) 1997 Jonathan Caws-Elwitt

    We're always at cross purposes
    Never see the same sky, never crave the same pie
    We're skidding on all surfaces
    Never keep the same time
    Never choose the same rhyme
    Never drink the same wine
    Laying out our thoughts
    Seldom overlapping in those misty settings where
    Well-suited lovers' dreams compare
    Your longitudes are my latitudes
    Two ingenus with two different attitudes
    Your microscopes are my telescopes
    My elephants are your antelopes
    There's no need for this nervousness
    Walking on these eggshells, answering these doorbells
    We can uncross our purposes
    We don't have to force things
    Marry or divorce things
    Talk until we're hoarse things
    Never take the same route
    Never play the same flute
    Just not right as lovers
    But our friendship covers empathy and trust
    And sincere affection
    Though the mismatched romance fails
    You know we'll be tremendous pals

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