lyrics (c) 1995 Jonathan Caws-Elwitt

    I met her in a decorated dream
    Where poppies glow like points of light
    Exploding into joy
    She took me to a seaside mezzanine
    Where hotels shaped like ocean liners
    Float down neon streets
    Peacock feathers frame her head
    And all her ringlets smell like flowers
    Legs like graceful pillars stand
    As monuments to perfect beauty
    We sipped champagne from stained-glass, jeweled carafes
    With ornamental lettering
    Embossed across the skies
    We rode around on lavender giraffes
    With smiling serifs, winking dots
    Above her vibrant eyes
    Floral borders frame her face
    And all her fleshtones look like sunlight
    Lips like tingling ecstasy
    With presents for her chosen
    I met her in a decorated dream
    With buildings shaped like ice-cream cones
    As brushstrokes all around
    She's there in all my illustrated scenes
    In pastel-painted candy structures
    Rising from the ground

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