lyrics (c) 1996 Michael E. Fiato and Jonathan Caws-Elwitt

    I've been runnin' round like crazy to the beat of a groovy tune
    I've been hidin' out for days to complete my groovy tune
    My house smells looks feels and tastes like a groovy tune
    I've been spinnin' all four wheels to the sound of a groovy tune
    I've been slidin' on my heels, goin' round with a groovy tune
    My house tastes smells looks and feels like a groovy tune
    Flirtin', smirkin', always joking
    Hangin', schmoozing, always hoping
    It's just like the record's broken, and it's stuck on a groovy tune
    Drawing pictures, writing letters
    Heating up and shedding sweaters
    Even the neighbors' Irish setters are barkin' a groovy tune
    I've been skimmin' all my books in the search for a groovy tune
    I'm afraid that too many cooks would besmirch my groovy tune
    My house feels tastes smells and looks like a groovy tune
    Rhyming, timing, redefining
    Sketching lines and re-designing
    I'm just in my room reclining while I write my groovy tune
    Building flames from every cinder
    Skipping plays by Harold Pinter
    Even the birds flying south for the winter are chirpin' a groovy tune
    I've been ringin' all the bells just to share a groovy tune
    I've been asking Rudy Wells to repair this groovy tune
    My house looks feels tastes and smells like a groovy tune

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