lyrics (c) 1998 Jonathan Caws-Elwitt

    I never go home these days
    Got p.j.'s in my briefcase
    And while my room remains dark
    I'm off with her on some lark
    She throws the greatest parties --
    Winter nights with summer soirees
    I live from day to weekend
    Always with this charming girlfriend
    Idyllica, I'm in love I think as I'm riding
    Each thrill that comes from your glowing mind
    I always help her clean up
    Each night we spruce her scene up
    And once we've set aside the broom
    We go into the other room
    She fits me like a socket
    We're in the corner pocket
    And though the guests have gone away
    Our fun's just getting underway
    Idyllica, I'm in love I think, I'm deciding
    Each trill that comes from your magic voice

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