lyrics (c) 1996 Jonathan Caws-Elwitt

    I'm the type
    Who's quick to speak when we're debating
    Ask me how what I think
    And I won't ever keep you waiting
    But when it's time to act with precision
    Then suddenly I'm full of indecision
    Hypnotized by the goals I chase
    Like flocks of grand balloons
    And whenever I get one
    I put it down to momentum
    And all the ones I fail to nurture
    Well, I guess it's inertia
    Every day I age a little and grow wiser
    A bit more grey
    A touch more long in the incisor
    But when it comes to making myself advance
    I feel like I'm still in short pants
    Baffled by the contingencies at every turn I take
    And whenever I take one
    I hope it's not just a fake one
    And if I feel a touch of nausea
    It's that same old inertia
    Is it ambivalence or some kind of block?
    Half my mind says "go"
    Some kind of insecurity or chemical impurity
    All my projects seem so grand
    But I'm dragging one foot in the sand
    Now's the time for me to try and make things happen
    Inside my life
    And try to get those neurons snappin'
    But if I make my agenda too ambitious
    I'll run around in circles vicious
    I need to fix my eye on things
    I've got some chance to grasp

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