lyrics (c) 1988 Jonathan Caws-Elwitt

    Though my eyes are closed
    Blue light seeps within
    With benevolent, lazy silences
    Glowing sand
    It clings to hand
    Vague, like droplets as they land
    I can rest for once in my life
    And grow by the ocean
    Where the world ends
    On a picture-porch
    Couple kissingly
    I like watching them
    They're like you and me
    Setting day
    Heat backing away
    Midnight swims
    We stay out to play
    And we remember all of our lives
    Appreciate every moment we've ever spent
    And you know you're there
    When the sun leaks all over your hair
    Alway Saturday
    If you think that way
    Spacing words between lazy silences
    Cryptic clouds
    They rumble aloud
    But it's all right
    Rain only at night
    And as we live together this life
    We grow by the ocean
    Where the world ends

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