lyrics (c) 1994 Jonathan Caws-Elwitt and Cheryl DeLuke

    Summer's high is still a dream but winter's gone to stay
    In between and out of sorts, I wonder why transitions are this way
    We're much closer than we were, but still there's far to go
    And as I anticipate the future, it's the present I don't know
    'Cause it's lukewarm weather, rosy buds on chilly trees
    Holding hands while wearing gloves, drinking iced teas
    In this lukewarm weather of ambivalent degrees
    When I'm halfway in between two different me's
    I drink wine and talk a lot of plans I'd like to see
    Every sunset shows potential heights of grand new times to you and me
    Then I'm quiet for awhile in sober reveries
    Trying to analyze before I act
    I'm always seeking guarantees
    And it's lukewarm weather, with more sunlight every day
    Tell me that the limits won't get in the way of a rich forever
    Full of love and thrills and fun
    That we never will regret once it's begun
    I learn the footing of our life together as it winds
    Constantly adapting to its motion
    I don't want to lag behind
    And in lukewarm weather I will watch you every day
    And I'll see your wondrous beauty come my way
    Though it's lukewarm weather, you've got summer in your eye
    And I know that once it gets here it won't die

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