lyrics (c) 1996 Jonathan Caws-Elwitt

    If you've got an hour and a half
    Why not come with me?
    I know a place where you'll laugh energetically
    I've got these friends, decent folks
    And you'll like their jokes
    Just be prepard to go home with eccentric quotes
    That's my crowd at Mitchell's Diner
    Hangin' out at Mitchell's Diner
    Don't misconstrue what you hear and then run away
    They mean no offense
    And you know that it's just their way
    You may be shocked by my pals
    And it's not your fault
    You've got to take what they say
    With a grain of salt
    Rosalie won't look at you
    But she'll see everything you do
    And probably she'll dream of you tonight
    And Jeremy will read out loud
    Till Phillip takes his French horn out
    And Abigail will ask your private thoughts
    I hope you'll come
    And you won't think that it's a drag
    If it's a bust you can go
    And I'll pay your cab
    I've brought people here more than once
    And you've got to believe --
    They're shy at first
    But they're always the last to leave
    Some of us may bring some beer
    And Mitchell might pull up a chair
    And let us try his special new desserts
    And Eleanor might start to snore
    But she'll tell us to talk some more
    And Diane's nose will wiggle when she laughs
    Cynthia and Doug hold hands
    And eat their pie like donuts
    And whenever their eyes meet it makes me smile

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