lyrics (c) 1990 Jonathan Caws-Elwitt

    Moon afternoon is when the big, white disc is sinking
    Will you meet me there
    Somewhere outside
    In the warmth of night
    Where we can do our thinking?
    It always feels so good there in your arms
    O, can you see moon afternoon?
    Darling, can you see moon afternoon?
    The summer days get hot
    Still I like them a lot
    But what's even better
    Is after sun's set her way down past the mountain
    The stripes can be counted
    On every cloud up there
    Just part of what we share
    We'll make it a practice
    Each night we'll come back
    This will be our own place
    And each time you'll embrace me
    With your wondrous spirit
    Your voice, I can hear it
    You're singing, you're coming
    The whole night is humming to me
    And I can see moon afternoon
    Moon afternoon is a time of night
    When everything is quiet
    Will you take my hand?
    I know you will be there
    And we'll kiss and talk
    And I'll say "My, it is so good with you"

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