lyrics (c) 1987 Jonathan Caws-Elwitt

    When I think about a groove I went through
    I can smell the way the air was then, too
    I move my lips to dialogue real or revised
    I follow consequences true or fantasized
    I look around the scene at this very moment
    The past adds up to something
    Here I am, I know it
    And it's now now now now now
    Wherever else I've been,
    This is the place for this second
    And it sits between a past familiar
    And a future strange that beckons
    I think of times before
    When I was thinking of times before
    Moments like this one here
    And I know there will still be more
    I take a look around at the people I'm with
    Whatever combination
    Soon to be covered by the next rotation
    And it's now now now

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