lyrics (c) 1997 Jonathan Caws-Elwitt

    I met her at the Popfest
    We liked all the same bands
    And though my nose was kind of stuffed, and she had swollen glands
    The January temperatures could not affect our hearts
    We sang along with every tune
    We both knew all the parts
    We made our reservations
    We cheered for every prize
    We even bought the T-shirts although they're not our size
    I met her at the Popfest, a friend of friends of mine
    And though the club was downstairs, and it didn't have a sign
    We found our way and took our seats; already, I was drawn
    And she found time to catch my eye before the bands went on
    We both had inclinations
    Our thoughts were both the same
    She talked to me between songs though she hadn't caught my name
    And if you're at a popfest, and everyone looks hot
    It's hard to tell who's right for you and who is simply not
    But she's hot in the coffee shop, and on the subway, too
    And if there were no indiepop, we'd still have things to do
    We had no hesitations
    We knew where it all led
    We even wore those extra-large pop T-shirts into bed

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