lyrics (c) 1995 Jonathan Caws-Elwitt

    What am I trying to prove by showing you the things I feel?
    What am I trying to prove, delineating my whole deal?
    Look at me on the move
    I'm sexual, conceptual, and way too intellectual
    Spontaneous, extraneous and truly miscellaneous
    What am I trying to prove by playing you my favorite songs?
    What am I trying to do?
    Perhaps I'm coming on too strong
    But what have we got to lose?
    You're elegant, benevolent, exquisite and magnificent
    I'm glad about you, mad about you
    There is nothing bad about you
    You'll prove me right or you'll prove me wrong
    Let's put it to the test
    Move me in or I'll move along
    Do whatever's for the best
    This could be an inspired moment or just a big mistake
    Aren't you kind of curious 'bout the point I'm trying to make?
    What am I trying to prove by asking you to hear me out?
    What am I trying to prove by clarifying every doubt?
    Look at us trying to move
    We're laughable, irascible, impatient and impassable
    But don't you see how we could be?
    I think that we're compatible

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