lyrics (c) 1996 Michael E. Fiato and Jonathan Caws-Elwitt

    Scattered bits of frantic thought have worked their way around
    Concepts flowing as they're taught, connecting underground
    Scattered bits of verse have splashed their way around
    Illustrating imagery with chemistry of sound
    Nouveau trends meet thoughtful gems
    Etched in stone from broken crayon-ends
    Scattered bits of top-ten hits
    Opaque, they make a clear sunrise
    Tattered tips of colored strips
    You mend and weave them and revise
    And you have a ball as you collect them all
    Scattered bits of antic thought have laughed their way around
    All the swingset rides you got in your abstract playground
    Scattered bits of paint have swirled their way around
    Activating artistry with harmonies you've found
    Long-lost friends returning home
    Pairs of bookends frame a common tome

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