lyrics (c) 1996 Jonathan Caws-Elwitt

    Chilly morning, raincoats on
    Youthfully we smile at dawn
    Days not easy, nights divine
    Weekends that just float in time
    Weekend time
    This is where we need to be
    The wading pool, the edge of the sea
    Gawky still and out of breath
    But these are the times we'll remember best
    Awake, we're scrambling for our sun
    Three Aprils to go before I hear your summer laughter
    Three soft Mays in a row, and then it's June forever after
    Squinting our eyes, tearing our jeans
    Running through meadows of purples and greens
    Fumbling our way through three soft Mays in a row together
    Every day, when you're in love
    It's no trouble waking up
    And it's okay to work quite hard
    Building the things of high regard
    Alive, we're scrambling for our sun
    Holding our hats, rolling our sleeves
    Flying past sunsets you wouldn't believe

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