lyrics (c) 1996 Jonathan Caws-Elwitt and Michael E. Fiato

    Time zones, slide trombones
    Draw me out, lead me home home home
    Soup cups, tofu pups
    Fill me in, warm me up
    You're a constellation
    I'm a blinking satellite
    Making my rotation
    Glowing bright
    And I'm jumping over hours on the globe
    A cosmic antelope
    Pine cones, bagpipe drones
    In the park
    Soothing monotones
    Jet lag, lift and drag
    Switch me on, pack my bag
    You're a sea vibration
    I'm a line of latitude
    Taking my vacation with gratitude
    And I'm gliding in my magic solar car
    An artificial star
    And I'm skimming over timeless ocean waves
    Through telescoping days

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