lyrics (c) 1997 Dave Joachim, Jonathan Caws-Elwitt and Charlie Zayleskie

    Did I ever tell you 'bout my favorite candy store?
    They have all the things you've ever seen and more
    Bliss, Lick-Ums, Tickle Drops,
    Ultra-Berry Indie-Pops,
    Chocolate Wisps with Kiwi Crisps,
    Laser Flavor Wafer Discs
    Hilary's Hazel Hut
    Every nougat, every nut
    Thick and thin, hard and soft
    Did I ever show you all the wrappers I collect?
    A candy gallery of artwork I respect
    Papaya-chutes and Feathered Flakees,
    Caramel Kidders and Marzipan Bakees,
    Stine-Beans, Seren-dip-i-dees,
    Galaxy Fingers and Go-Go Bees
    Ecstasy in every bite
    They never spoil your appetite
    Smooth and chewy, light and dark . . . .
    Yummy Gummy Terri Bears,
    Cherry Cheroos and Chiffon Eclairs
    Tropadelic Toffee Goo,
    Norma's Pumpkin-Nuggets too!
    Hilary's Hazel Hut -- every nougat, every nut
    Hot and cold, sweet and sour . . . .
    Ecstasy in every bite; they never spoil your appetite
    Mild and tangy, square and round . . . .

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