[CD Little Teddy, released 1998]
12 studio recordings from 1997

New Affections/Three Soft Mays/Time Zones/Cross Purposes/North Miami Beach/Scattered Bits/The Woman in the Iridescent Clothes/Nothing Really Matters/Groovy Tune/I Met Her at the Popfest/On Beyond Zagnut/Temperate Perfection

Jonathan Caws-Elwitt: vocals, calendar
Sam Elwitt: guitar, vocals, poultronics, aplets, cotlets
Michael E. Fiato: bass, vocals, parking
Dave Joachim: drums, vocals, bongos, congos, sherbet shaker egg, samba triangle, mambo rectangle, tambo circle, sleighbell, doorbell, claves, cicadas, chinos, cabasa, casaba, veggie kielbasa
Charlie Zayleskie: keyboards, vocals, nose stromboli
Belinda Miller: vocals, mermaphone
Scout Fiato: flute

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Video still by Brian Steblen.


Copyright © 1987–2010 Jonathan Caws-Elwitt and others.