"I think what's most enjoyable about the Silly Pillows is how they throw just about everything in their fridge into the pot and see what comes out. Guess they know how to stir, 'cuz they come up with some pretty delightful concoctions."
Teen Scene

"The Silly Pillows are so bloody good at making '60s pop . . . , it's hard to believe I'm sitting here in the middle of 1995 adoring it . . . . it just bubbles over with vintage ambience and playfulness . . . . it's subtle pop with lots of ahh and la, and it's more than just slightly pretty."
"The Silly Pillows, simply put, have a strong handle on just how to put a song together. Like Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys, many of these songs seem constructed rather than just hatched. Many different sounds can be heard, with engaging melodies woven throughout. The arrangements, the backing vocals are all simply superb . . . Each song stands up all on its own."
Teen Scene
"The musical escapades of Jonathan Caws-Elwitt have developed over a decade into something that is virtually flawless . . . . The charm bursts out of the CD player, and the eccentric songs and imaginative arrangements carry sweet melodies and lyrics on a psychedelic couch to the listener's ears. You'll never get them out of your system."
Puls Furore [translated from the Norwegian]
"While you may not know it, the Silly Pillows have been around for a long time. They were sitting in their bedroom recording wonderful pop songs long before it became fashionable . . . Low key pop songs that creep into your head several times a day, long before you know the title."
Malathion Risk
"Summery pop-syke, light, pleasing, flowery . . . . It's a style that reflects a purpose to please really no one but themselves—something really refreshing in today's cut throat indie pop race."
Soft White Underbelly
"Shimmers and shakes with quirky twists and turns designed of tasty melodies and heavenly harmonies."
Optional Art Newsletter
"It is impossible for mere words to describe the glorious sunshiny warmth and sweetness of this record [the Equilibrium EP]. Not since small factory's stunning Suggestions has a seven-inch single so charmed me. . . . go buy a turntable if you don't have one so you can play this record over and over and over."
Binghamton (NY) Press & Sun Bulletin
"Probably, for me, the discovery of the year. The Silly Pillows are a fabulous American band who compose subtle pop songs with a disarming ease."
Funny Face [translated from the French]
"Simply divine . . . . Their whole catalog is essential listening."
Sound Choice
"Gems replete with incisive hooks, mindblowing harmonies and solos, and varied multilayered instrumentation with creative stylistic unpredictability and arresting rhythms."
". . . . Every bit of [Silly Image Pillowhead] offers something of interest . . . . It's a must have for Pillowheads, and it's worth a look by anybody interested in the indie-pop scene."
Cosmik Debris e-zine
"Everything about [New Affections]—the songwriting, the playing, the production—is tweaked just enough to make this their best—and most clever . . . yet."
Binghamton (NY) Press & Sun Bulletin
"Confectionary pop so damned nice that it could only come from a place called Friendsville, PA."
Cosmik Debris e-zine
"A plethora of pop nuggets [New Affections]."
"So so so so adorable."
Kick Bright e-zine
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