Running again

For a while I was trying to do outside work (digging, weeding, getting rid of invasive plants, etc.) as my exercise, plus some weight-training on my lunchtime. But I can’t really get the same intensity and side-benefits that running gives me. So I started up again. I need a goal, so I’m going to do the Chris Thater 5K again (August 28th). Since I haven’t run in months, I started with a mile a day Tu/Wed/Thu and 2 miles “long run” (ha!) this morning.

Really, nothing compares to running–not just the intensity, but the way it clears my mind and gets me out in nature and weather in a way I love. It’s like my head is full of bits of string that get tangled into a big ball, and running is a sure-fire way to start looseing and straightening and unweaving them. I think I’m happier when I’m running consistently.