Goal 60: listener-contestant on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

I called the Wait Wait phone number in the spring but never got a call back. A few weeks ago I sent an email, mentioning two semi-interesting things (our town, Friendsville, was so called because it was originally a planned community for Quakers; and I have fun staffing Ask Here PA, live chat reference). An extremely nice Wait Wait staffer called me. I was on standby last week and tonight got to be the first caller, playing “Carl’s Countdown.” The really cool part was hearing the warm-up. Live, it’s a 2-hour show, which they edit down to the best bits. I would love to see it in person someday. It was very exciting–nerve-wracking to be on the phone waiting!–and I got all 3 questions right (although I was kinda disappointed they even tackled the topic of the last one, as you’ll hear if you listen). Tomorrow I’m supposed to get a call about the details of the prize–Carl Kasell on our answering machine! That’s the very first of my 101 in 1001 days list done. Here’s me in the opening segment (I do Carl’s Countdown). Woo-hoo/w00t!