6 weeks to Chris Thater

I’m at approx. 2 miles 3x week, plus long run today of 5 miles. I’m not timing anything except intervals–the Forerunner is invaluable now that I’ve finally figured out how to use it for those. I did 9 400m repeats Tuesday, but that sounds like a lot based on stuff I’ve been looking at; more like 3-5 repeats, 400m up to 1600m, crops up in what I’ve found googling. (Maybe not, based on this). Speedwork seems like the most confusing thing! I don’t have much of a goal for Chris Thater aside from equalling my 29:56 finish in 2003. I’m not timing anything, I’m just using the race as a motivation to run. My weight is at about 120 (I was slowly gaining before starting to run again, and on vacation week before last I was running but also eating way more than I normally do!); it would be great to get down to 115 by race day (Aug 28), but again, I’m not taking any of this too seriously. I could, but one thing I learned from the marathon: even though I can do anything I set my mind to–and I guess I can!–the tricky part is the setting. I don’t want to waste my limited (so far) “setting” power on this particular race.

On my long run today I spent most of the time thinking about HP 6, which I finished last night. Hot and sticky!