Goal 60: listener-contestant on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

I called the Wait Wait phone number in the spring but never got a call back. A few weeks ago I sent an email, mentioning two semi-interesting things (our town, Friendsville, was so called because it was originally a planned community for Quakers; and I have fun staffing Ask Here PA, live chat reference). An extremely nice Wait Wait staffer called me. I was on standby last week and tonight got to be the first caller, playing “Carl’s Countdown.” The really cool part was hearing the warm-up. Live, it’s a 2-hour show, which they edit down to the best bits. I would love to see it in person someday. It was very exciting–nerve-wracking to be on the phone waiting!–and I got all 3 questions right (although I was kinda disappointed they even tackled the topic of the last one, as you’ll hear if you listen). Tomorrow I’m supposed to get a call about the details of the prize–Carl Kasell on our answering machine! That’s the very first of my 101 in 1001 days list done. Here’s me in the opening segment (I do Carl’s Countdown). Woo-hoo/w00t!

101 Goals in 1001 Days

I try to do a mini-retreat every year for my birthday. This year I focused on doing a 101 Goals in 1001 Days project. It’s very easy for me to go crazy-unrealistic on something like this, so I tried to rein myself in after coming up with 121 goals initially. I left 10 empty slots for new “I’ve got to do this!” inspirations which otherwise might lead me to abandon the whole thing!

Start Date: December 8, 2007
End Date: September 4, 2010

Blue and crossed-out are completed
Green are in progress

Daily habits – focus on one per month

1. Lights out at 11pm, wake up at 6:30am
2. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning
3. Exercise for 20 minutes
4. Pilates 10 minutes (December 2007 Challenge at ZenHabits)
5. Swish & swipe the bathroom
6. Put away all clothes
7. Wipe down the kitchen counters
8. One email to friend/family
9. Wash any pots from the day before
10. Shine kitchen sink
11. Perform morning routine (2-10) consistently for one month
12. Process that day’s snail mail
13. Sweep kitchen floor
14. 3 minutes of filing
15. 10 minutes of paperwork or Quicken
16. Process that day’s email
17. 5 minutes on old email
18. Perform get-home-from-work routine (12-18) consistently for one month
19. ZenHabits and/or Habitzer check-in
20. Log any books finished that day
21. Check calendar
22. Check next day’s weather
23. Review goals
24. To-do/plan for tomorrow
25. 5 minutes to patrol hotspots (January 2008 Challenge at ZenHabits)
26. Floss every single day I’ve been doing this consistently for 3 months! Go me!
27. Cleanser & moisturizer on face
28. Moisturizer on hands & feet
29. Maintain cuticles
30. Perform evening routine (19-29) consistently for one month
31. Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables
32. Do one (but no more than 5) DP pages

Weekly habits – focus on one per month

33. Fix one thing from the mending pile
34. Write one blog post or essay
35. Back up my computer
36. Clean purse & totebags
37. Write one letter or card
38. Phone family members
39. 30 minutes of decluttering
40. Read or get rid of one old magazine
41. Make a weekly plan on Sundays
42. Shred papers

Big and bold

43. Edit the turkey book I’m about a third done…
44. Turkey book accepted by a publisher or agent
45. Write CIN database as a Joomla component
46. Get involved in the Joomla calendar group; add “email the admin” feature
47. Write an open-source payslip tracker for Ruby on Rails


48. Get weight down to 114 pounds and stay there for 4 months
49. Bike up the killer hill from 858 without walking
50. Do the NYC 5 boroughs
51. Get an Excellent on endurance and a Good on flexibility here
52. Do the Wyalusing triathlon
53. Break 29 minutes in a 5K
54. Weight training twice a work week
55. Write our wills & get them notarized


56. Visit Quabbin reservoir
57. Get a portable canoe or kayak
58. Go to a movie in a theater once a month
59. Four times a year, spend a few hours in a big bookstore
60. Be a listener contestant on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
I played “Carl’s Countdown” on the 12/22/07 show; Carl Kassel is now on our answering machine!
61. Get in the pool for Who Wants to be a Millionaire or Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?
62. Guest on A Word A Day
63. Read Les Misérables (I’m half-way through Tome I, “Fantine”)
64. Re-read all of À la recherche du temps perdu
65. Learn to raise one eyebrow
66. Learn to juggle
67. Visit PA Grand Canyon
68. Hike Rickett’s Glen
69. Keep a dream journal for a month
70. Work through piano books for “Madame Uvula”
71. One craft project per month
72. Be able to recite 10 poems, including Tithonius
73. Focus on learning Italian for one month
74. Read & learn Botany in a Day


75. Teach a Montrose Adult School class on web content First class on Blogging is tomorrow. Class blog
76. Donate blood 5 times a year (I got deferred for low iron–first time ever!–on 12/18/07. Argh!) (But succeeded on 2/19/08 after making sure to take a multi-vitamin regularly again.)
77. Become CPR certified
78. Do my trash pickup 3 times a year
79. Do my own re-qualification for P3 at DP
80. Upload and manage five DP projects I adopted an orphan project, Dictionnaire d’argot fin-de-siècle (1894), which I am now PM’ing–not sure if that should count)
81. Upload five Sony Reader books to MobileRead


82. Grow sunflowers
83. Do Square Foot gardening vegetables
84. Cut down all multiflora rose and Russian olive
85. Repaint trim
86. Repaint walls
87. Repaint ceilings
88. Fasten down carpet joins
89. Shampoo carpets
90. Declutter the garage
91. Fix the chainsaw

Extra to add as I go along

92. Move my 3 blogs to WordPress