Updated: it worked! (was “Let’s plow the missing piece!”)

Update: thanks to everyone who contacted the powers-that-be, the trail between Pleasant and North King was plowed during the winter of 2012-2013. It stopped after the demise of the BID, but this past winter (2016-2017) it started again. Thank you to the Mayor and the DPW! Now, if we could get the Norwottuck plowed from Northampton to Amherst, especially once the tunnel under the railroad tracks is completed, that would be awesome!

Since we moved to Northampton in early 2012, I’ve been enjoying the incredible network of trails we have here. But some sections are now plowed in the winter, which is too bad. With support from the Friends of Northampton Trails and Greenways, the Northampton Business Improvement District, and various individuals, I’ve started an informal group to try and address that. Initially we’re focusing on the mile-long stretch of the downtown rail-trail parallel with King St. The city’s Department of Public Works plows north and south of that section.


  • Snow turns into rough, bumpy ice (because people use the trail anyway!)
  • Compacted ice takes forever to melt
  • On dry winter days, trail could be used by hundreds of people if not for the ice
  • Plowing the trail will increase:
    • Recreation and fun
    • Physical and mental health
    • Carbon-free commuting options

There are costs (equipment and labor) and issues (fences and bridges). But it is less than a mile, and the benefits are huge!

Will you help?

If you’re a Northampton resident, please contact the mayor and city council and tell them you support plowing the trail! And/or, please download the Plow the Trail PDF (a poster and handout sheet) and distribute it.

The Norwottuck Rail Trail is also not plowed, but that is the responsibility of the Department of Conservation and Recreation. Separate campaign to come!