Binghamton Bridge Run 1/2 Marathon

2:27:00! That fell into my “yay” category (I had predicted 2:30-2:45 as a satisfactory time). My one previous 1/2, on the D&H trail, was a very well-run race but not that much fun for me because it was so flat.

#94 out of 117 in the 40-49 F category (full results), which puts me in the bottom 20%–when I typically think of myself as in the bottom 10%, so not as bad as I thought.

Seeing so much of Binghamton was nostalgic. Since we’re planning on moving away, it felt like a farewell tour. NYSEG Stadium, which we saw built–I’ve seen 4 baseball games in my life, 2 at Yankee Stadium and 2 here. Clinton Street, which long ago held the Guinness World Record for the most bars in one mile, and later became the prime area for antiques in Binghamton; I bought a $2 formal gown there for the fanciest black-tie wedding we ever attended. The many places the food co-op lived. Many locations where I visited clients when I was a home health aide. The old taxi station, boarded up. The old library, where I first started reading seriously about librarianship (the Horn Book and the Trouble in River City books); the new library which we toured half a decade ago when planning our new building (plans which will have to be re-done when it’s finally at the point of being built). The Crowley dairy plant with its iconic chimney. The Park Diner where we met friends.

Things I want to do before we leave: visit the Bundy Museum, River Books…