On the fence

NaNoWriMo? No NaNoWriMo? No No Nanette? I’m no where near my “training goal” for writing–total for last week (goal was 7,000) 4,700; total for yesterday & today so far (goal was 3,000) 1340 plus whatever I write in here. 2,000 words a day just seems out of reach! On the other hand, I’ve been putting hands-on-keyboard time consistently for a few days, and maybe I should just take a deep breath, take a risk, and do something where I’m likely to fail. I’m going to have a talk with Jonathan & see what he thinks. Maybe work out some kind of agreement that I will NOT get whiny & be down on myself for getting behind. I need to stay positive just like I did with marathon training. (That was so much EASIER, though! Steps and words are very different…)

I question whether writing is really the thing for me at all. I don’t remember whether I already said this, but I love having written a lot more than I like writing. On the other hand, one of the things that slows me down is research, which I enjoy for itself. For example, it took me at least an hour to write my review of The Fat Fallacy, partly because I needed to look up whether it was really Schlosser who wrote the article about the artificial flavor in French fries, and who the author of Eat, Drink, & Be Healthy is. That was fun, and it’s a really good thing to cement my memories of what I read and to link them together–good for my database of facts to draw on in conversation, good for my brain, good for my reasoning powers, etc. In that way, my book blog is meeting my goals to think more and remember more about what I read.

But as I’ve been focusing on catching up on my book blog and my word count, I’m afraid I’ve let other things slide. It’s all about balance–even the balance between plumbing my “feast or famine” approach for its productivity and keeping my life itself in balance.

I haven’t gone for a run since the weekend. I just can’t drag myself out of bed in the mornings–I’m so sleepy! And today was a Halloween story hour party at the library, and I had a few (very yummy) leftover brownies. Argh. Balance, balance…

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