The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Managing Your Time by Jeff Davidson, 1995.

For me, self-help books have always been like potato chips–can’t read just one, not really nourishing, the initial deliciousness doesn’t last, etc. I’ll take it as a sign of growth that this is the first one I’ve read this year (not the first I’ve skimmed, but that doesn’t count)–and it’s better than most. The primary goal I got out of it is to try to leave work ON TIME more often. Many of my co-workers leave at 5 on the dot and theoretically it would be fine for me to do so; but 5:15 is early for me. There’s so much to do, and when I’m at work I want to stay there… (when I’m at home I want to stay at home!) But I know I would be less stressed if I didn’t give myself so much more to do than could possibly fit into a workday–and that’s the point that Davidson makes: “Time ‘speeds up’ and you seem to have less when …you work in front of a clock to meet an unrealistic time frame; …you jam-pack your calendar with activities and appointments.” He also recommends getting enough sleep, which I’m sold on as a goal. I’d probably put this in the top 10 of time management books I’ve read. I’m still looking for the one with the magic formula, though. That’s why I keep reaching for the next potato chip…

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