Vertical Run – Joseph R. Garber, 1995

Recommended by the Adult Reading Round Table as a “Sure Bet”–and it was. A satisfying thriller, not great, but very hard to put down. One morning, everyone (his boss, his friends, his family) want Dave Elliot dead, and he has to figure out why while staying alive in the skyscraper where he works. Par for the course for a not-great novel: four brand names on the first page of the opening scene (Pratesi sheets/Panasonic clock radio/Nikes/Rolex president watch–it’s not just lazy, it’s obtrusively silly), cardboard characters, painful dialect (“Whut else can yew tell me ’bout him?”) But the popcorn-cruncher in me enjoyed it a lot.

2 thoughts on “Vertical Run – Joseph R. Garber, 1995

  1. Sure, it isn’t Nora Roberts, but for guys, it doesn’t get any better than VR. Action movies don’t win Oscars, but all guys love em!

  2. Comparing Garber to Nora Roberts made me laugh! Actually I’d say she’s a cut worse from what I’ve seen (can’t remember what I’ve read all the way through–I’ll put her on my to-be-able-to-say-I’ve-tried-list). I’m sure you’re wrong about “all guys,” though–any more than “all chicks” love NR/Danielle Steel (blech) etc.!

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