For almost a year I wrestled with the horrible Blogger/FTP-to-my-own-server “001 java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out” issue off and on (the wrestling was off and on; the problem was continuous). Clearly something changed overnight and the Blogger people were no help, but I do think I got myself all mixed around and MAYBE at some point it was related to my archives path… at any rate I have SFTP working as of yesterday and I’m not looking back. (I even went to the trouble of installing WordPress but have to merge the three blogs, or at least the two active ones, plus having to publish everything to Blogspot, including all the many posts I had in draft at that point, was the final hump I didn’t muster the energy to get over. And I like Blogger’s interface very much. It’s unfortunate that it’s the worst of both worlds, as I mentioned here.)

At any rate, I didn’t do the book blog thing for a long time and have just caught up with bare-bones listings (probably quite a few things fell between the cracks as well). Part of it was doing reviews for The Bridge (Binghamton’s independent media quarterly, which doesn’t have a web presence yet, alas), which killed a lot of my motivation to do it on my own. Writing briefly for Blogcritics did that too, unfortunately. But I guess it’s worth continuing for my own sake. I’ve thought about reserving “real” reviews for just some new-to-me books, and quirkier notes for re-reads… we’ll see. Right now I’m on a Nevil Shute kick and only one behind!

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