Literary Wonderlands: A Journey Through the Greatest Fictional Worlds Ever Created – ed. Laura Miller, 2016

I love books-about-books, classic fantasy illustrations, and Laura Miller, so this was perfect for me. It’s a two to four page spread on each of several dozen books, in the categories Ancient Myth & Legend, Science and Romanticism, Golden Age of Fantasy, New World Order, and The Computer Age. There’s a brief essay on the book, first publication information (which is cool and not often mentioned), the original cover or a photo of the earliest tablet/papyrus etc., a portrait of the author if applicable, and lots of supporting graphics—illustrations, art, maps, ephemera, etc. It’s a beautiful book. I’ve read most of the works mentioned, but there were several I’d never heard of and want to check out:

  • The City of the Sun – Tommaso Campanella, 1602
  • The Description of a New World, Called the Blazing-World – Margaret Cavendish, 1666
  • The Journey of Niels Klim to the World Underground – Ludvig Holberg, 1741
  • Alamut – Vladimir Bartol, 1938
  • Pedro Paramo – Juan Rulfo, 1955
  • W or the Memory of Childhood – Georges Perec, 1975
  • Egalia’s Daughters – Gerd Brantenberg, 1977
  • Obabakoak – Bernardo Atxaga, 1988
  • Wizard of the CrowNgũgĩ wa Thiong’o, 2006
  • The Man with the Compound Eyes – Wu Ming-Yi, 2011
  • The Imperial Radch Trilogy – Ann Leckie, 2013-15
  • Lagoon – Nnedi Okarafor, 2014

Plus reminding me of a bunch of authors/books I haven’t yet read and want to, like China Mievelle, Orlando Furioso, Cloud Atlas, etc.

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