August 2019 books read

  • Fall, or Dodge in Hell – Neal Stephenson, 2019. I love most Stephenson, but this was a snore. The VR Paradise Lost is an interesting idea but dragged out way way too long, and the elevated diction was clumsy.
  • The Liar’s Club – Mary Karr, 1995 – quotes pulled, tbd
  • The Big Thirst: The Secret Life and Turbulent Future of Water – Charles Fishman, 2011 – quotes pulled, tbd
  • The Grapes of Wrath – John Steinbeck, 1939 – quotes pulled, tbd
  • Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha – Roddy Doyle, 1993 – quotes pulled, tbd
  • Advice for Future Corpses (and Those Who Love Them): A Practical Perspective on Death and Dying – Sallie Tisdale, 2018. Wonderful and yes, very practical, if you’re ready to think about such things. A great companion to Being Mortal (Atul Gawande, 2014).
  • Old in Art School: A Memoir of Starting Over – Nell Irvin Painter, 2018. Enthralling and thought-provoking. I identified in many ways, as I’m slowly working my way towards a second bachelor’s in CS.
  • Estranged – Ethan M. Aldridge, 2018

Wow, no re-reads this month! Pretty unusual for me—but that’s one of the advantages of belonging to so many book groups, keeping me focused on new stuff (or purposeful re-reads, not just comfort reading).

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