NaNoWriMo: so far so good

My average speed is almost 2,000 words an hour! Of course, this is on the first day when inspiration is at its height. I’m not sanguine enough to feel confident, but it’s sure heartening. I’m well over quota for today at 2,270 (no blog entry if I don’t meet my quota!) and still had time to write a book blog entry I needed to write (because it was a review copy).

Thank goodness my Inner Editor was whisked away to a kennel by Chris Baty:

[T]his month you’ll leave your Inner Editor here with me at the fully licensed, board-certified No Plot? No Problem! Inner Editor Kennel–where it can spend its days carping with other Inner Editors, happily pointing out typos in the newspaper and complaining about the numerous plot holes on daytime television.

It will be very, very happy here.

(there’s an actual button to touch in the book, which I did first thing when I woke up this morning) Thank goodness, because what I’ve written so far is really terrible. But that’s OK. Quantity, not quality!

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