5-mile run – a thousand points of light

Timing myself–how quickly can I write a run-report post? Great run–just around freezing, a few days after an ice storm, so all the twigs and shrubs were still coated. I “shook the hands” of a few trees bending over the road, hoping the ice would cascade off, but that’s going to be later in the day. Mostly cloudy but with some cobalt blue peeking through, plus lovely pastel blue with a little purple at the edges of the sky in the distance. At times the sun shone through, sparkling in the rounded ice drops–not like diamonds, even though that’s the image my brain reached for first, but dots of white light. Met two people walking a gorgeous collie–Ernie, I think they said his name was; first week in a month I didn’t see a raven, but did flush a grouse; doves, crows, and lots of tracks in the snow. Focusing on peace of mind, my primary goal for my 45th year. Thank goodness for my Stabilicers, or I couldn’t run at all on a day like this.

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