Lemon meringue tart from Roost

Lemon meringue tart from Roost

I’m reviving this experiment, maybe just this once, maybe for other things like this: a platonic pastry. Lemon meringue pie isn’t in my top ten generally, but Roost‘s version is so incredibly good that I’m always delighted by it and look forward to getting it again. This must be the third one I’ve had (once every six months or so is plenty) and they are consistently excellent.

The three components are in perfect balance: light, crispy shell that snaps under the fork; very tart, smooth custard; sweet marshmallow meringue that is both creamy and fluffy. Best of all, the meringue is always properly toasted on top – it may even look burned but it tastes perfect. It is very messy to eat as the meringue innards and custard are both almost liquid, but 100% worth it. And it’s big enough to be entirely satisfying and give a feeling of abundance, but not as ginormous as some of their other baked goods.

  • Compared to platonic version: 5/5!
  • Originality: 3/5
  • Value for money: 4/5 ($6.95 before tax and tip)
  • Effort factor (1 = could make in my sleep; 5 = no way would I ever make this for myself): 4.5/5
  • 13 1/2 minutes to eat, 22 to write (of which 7 was figuring out how to do images in Gutenberg)

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