Running is good for writing!

Another 5-miler this afternoon, and I composed the opening scene and closing paragraph of Turkey Season in my head! Not in exact sentences, but the feel of it. This should get me off to a good start tomorrow, I hope. 55 minutes, splits 10:53, 10:09, 11:15, 11:49, 10:52. I started with a 3/3 rhythm but I almost bonked around mile 2 (I was clammy and had jello legs, but they didn’t turn to lead) & just let my mind wander after that. Heavy steel-gray clouds with some clear sky at the horizon; as I rounded Stanley Lake, the sun came out and lit up the remaining brown and orange leaves in the most incredible, saturated golden light. The glowing hills against the dark blue-gray sky were breathtaking. Glimpses of the surface of the lake through the trees looked like a solid gray substance–the water was riffled in the wind but not reflecting the light, so it was matte and opaque.

I might or might not get to the second Snowflake Pattern planning step, or do the Magna Carta exercises in No Plot? No Problem!, but I’m feeling excited and ready to get started tomorrow. I’m also feeling hopeful about the election. Election Night is going to be a NaNoWriMo fest, as people stay up writing waiting for the results. My plan is to stay up no later than 2am, no matter what; before that time, I write until we have a President. If Kerry wins, it’ll be such a weight lifted that I’ll sail through the rest of the month. I don’t even want to think about him losing.

But no matter what your political beliefs, get out there and VOTE!!!!

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