Starting up again

The transplant center has started up again and is doing 2 living donors in July, so I will go to stage 3 of testing soon. I was on the fence about maybe waiting until there’s a vaccine.  I’m not depriving a particular person yet, as a non-directed donor, and since kidney recipients who get COVID are more likely to die, and the healthcare system in general is sort of in disarray, I wonder if my donation would have a bigger positive effect (longer chain, more years total life added) when things are back to normal. But who knows if that will happen, and if others are also avoiding donating for similar reasons then me being willing now might be more important. Plus, it turns out I would probably have to redo some of the tests if I waited; and 2020 is kind of a “lost year” so there would be fewer things I’d miss during recovery (no races! no museum exhibitions! no concerts! no family visits! etc.) and I might as well.