Training week 13: last 18 miler

I swapped distances on the weekday runs because I got overheated and overtired on what was supposed to be 8 miles through the Meadows – nice to be able to cut it short. I did get to see an airplane landing.

I finally moved into second place in Easthampton with my last very long run, but I neglected to note the exact percentage (I completed a record 48 streets in one go, so it would be over 90%) . It was an extra-exciting one because friends who live on one of the downtown streets I’d saved for last came out to greet me. I gave them the window when I expected to be there, and they had to be up early anyway. What a lift to see friendly faces and hear encouraging cheers! I ran through a lot of older neighborhoods, more interesting than the cookie-cutter developments.

On the hydration/fuel front, I think I’m finally at the point where I notice my body’s responses well enough to play it by ear. That’s one of the reasons to keep chasing big physical goals like this; it fine-tunes my sense of where my limits are and what’s changing with age. I ended up with usually 5-6 gulps of water every 2 miles, a Medjool date every 3 to 5, and a salt cap every 8 to 10. I’ll bring enough for the marathon so I can up the frequency if necessary, but I’m confident I’ll recognize the signs and won’t have to rely so much on a schedule.

Finished 10/4 and backposted – I hope to catch up before the marathon!!!

Weekday runs – Northampton

Long run – Easthampton

Date (temp/humidity)DistanceAvg pace/fastest splitTimeHR (avg/highest)Notes
Tue 9/14 (58°F/91%)5.2412:21/11:391:04:42160/177
Wed 9/15 (75°F/95%)5.5713:39/12:321:15:58152/171 Bad run – supposed to be 8 but cut it short and swapped days
Thu 9/16 (63°F/100%)8.0013:09/12:181:45:14145/171 (intervals only)
Sat 9/18 (64°F/100%)18.0714:17/13:104:18:07144/167
Totals36.9 miles8.4 hoursWeight avg 112.8, resting heart rate 57

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