Training week 14: taper begins

Wow, tapering already – which means my only injury was my fall at the beginning of August, ie no overuse injuries! That’s a great first. It must help that I’ve been doing my mini-Pilates routine every single morning, to keep my core strong, and most days I’ve also kept up with the NYTimes 7-minute workout (as well as plenty of walking, biking, and hiking). My fitness is probably the most balanced it’s been maybe ever. The right thumb I sprained (or whatever) in my fall is still a little weaker and larger than the left, nine weeks later, but I’m sure it will continue to heal. Yay almost-57 me!

No problems with blisters or chafing either. Modern clothes technology is great – I run in yoga shorts that have no seams, super-comfortable with pockets.

We visited my dear mother-in-law in Rochester, NY this week so I got to add some streets there. But the city is HUGE and I’m still under 3% despite having run 50+ streets. So much beautiful architecture – I explored the Corn Hill neighborhood, new to me, and discovered that’s it’s a location on the Mississippi Blues Trail because Son House lived there for many years.

My Sunday run in Easthampton finally got me to 1st place with 94.22%. I’m posting this on 10/31/2021 without any Easthampton photos because I’m doing NaNoWriMo in November and all my writing time will be devoted to that. I may come back and finish these posts at some point, but just want to get something up now!

Date (temp/humidity)DistanceAvg pace/fastest splitTimeHR (avg/highest)Notes
Tue 9/21 (52°F/100%)5.0112:01/11:091:00:11147/172
Wed 9/22 (65°F/95%)8.1714:57/13:002:02:06128/160Rochester, lots of map checking and traffic lights
Thu 9/23 (62°F/94%)5.5714:21/13:421:19:54158/209 (can’t be right – error because of moisture???)Rochester, rainy
Sun 9/26 (56°F/94%)9.6213:12/12:382:06:571143/177
Totals 28,4 miles7.5 hoursWeight avg 113.8, resting heart 56

Training week 13: last 18 miler

I swapped distances on the weekday runs because I got overheated and overtired on what was supposed to be 8 miles through the Meadows – nice to be able to cut it short. I did get to see an airplane landing.

I finally moved into second place in Easthampton with my last very long run, but I neglected to note the exact percentage (I completed a record 48 streets in one go, so it would be over 90%) . It was an extra-exciting one because friends who live on one of the downtown streets I’d saved for last came out to greet me. I gave them the window when I expected to be there, and they had to be up early anyway. What a lift to see friendly faces and hear encouraging cheers! I ran through a lot of older neighborhoods, more interesting than the cookie-cutter developments.

On the hydration/fuel front, I think I’m finally at the point where I notice my body’s responses well enough to play it by ear. That’s one of the reasons to keep chasing big physical goals like this; it fine-tunes my sense of where my limits are and what’s changing with age. I ended up with usually 5-6 gulps of water every 2 miles, a Medjool date every 3 to 5, and a salt cap every 8 to 10. I’ll bring enough for the marathon so I can up the frequency if necessary, but I’m confident I’ll recognize the signs and won’t have to rely so much on a schedule.

Finished 10/4 and backposted – I hope to catch up before the marathon!!!

Weekday runs – Northampton

Long run – Easthampton

Date (temp/humidity)DistanceAvg pace/fastest splitTimeHR (avg/highest)Notes
Tue 9/14 (58°F/91%)5.2412:21/11:391:04:42160/177
Wed 9/15 (75°F/95%)5.5713:39/12:321:15:58152/171 Bad run – supposed to be 8 but cut it short and swapped days
Thu 9/16 (63°F/100%)8.0013:09/12:181:45:14145/171 (intervals only)
Sat 9/18 (64°F/100%)18.0714:17/13:104:18:07144/167
Totals36.9 miles8.4 hoursWeight avg 112.8, resting heart rate 57

Training week 12: a real race!

Because of the 10-mile race on Sunday, I did my first 18-miler on a weekday. I finished 76.59% of Easthampton and moved into third place (less than 5% more to get to second place, so that’s within reach in week 13!) I lost the record of half of River Street and all of Old Stagecoach in a Runkeeper crash; I could mark them manually complete but I also like to see those purple lines replacing the white! The route including going basically straight up to the Mt Tom state park on Reservation Road, as the elevation map helpfully shows. It was a foggy day and many of the photos didn’t come out very well. Not shown: a van shouting “Eat Greatly at the Whately” (ad for the Whately Inn but parked in Easthampton); a mannequin torso in a yard (thankfully evoked Greek sculpture more than sheer creepiness).

Thursday photos – Easthampton

Black Birch 10 Miler, Sunday September 12, 2021

It was so incredibly exciting to run an in-person race again – my first since December 2019, I think. Impact Racing puts on some of my favorite local events, but this was one I hadn’t done before. The course is out-and-back, from Black Birch Vineyard in Hatfield up into Whately along some scenic hilly dirt roads. I plan to wear my KDA shirt for races from now on, so this was its first outing. It’s so thin that RaceDots, my impulse buy from the NYC Marathon expo in 2018, actually worked properly for the first time, and will actually protect it.

Super-duper exciting: my recipient Chris, her husband Barry, and their new dog (sweet 7-year-old dalmatian Rhoda) came and cheered me on at the start and the finish! I wish I had gotten a photo of us when we hung out after, but we were busy swatting away the zillions of mosquitos.

I was certainly slow (2:06:23, 22/25 F50-59, 137/153 total), partly because it was on the hot side, but it was so much fun. The organizers encouraged bringing your own hydration, which was good practice for the marathon anyway, and I started out with a date every couple of miles but soon felt like that wasn’t working for me. Some great playful banter with a 60-ish dad running with his daughter; we’d already had a teasing exchange when I passed them, and they caught up when I stopped to take a photo of a “Toad Valley” sign. I explained my rule was to stop for photos and saying hi to dogs – “You’re right on that last one!” We passed each other back and forth several times, the fake-competition escalating. I finished first and said “So close!” as they approached the finish line, so he’s got his eyes on me for the next time. A yummy glass of white wine (the Epic maybe?) and a delicious vegan burrito with guacamole at the finish completed the experience. Hurray for races! I had two more 5Ks before the marathon, but the Hospice Meadows Run for 9/25 went virtual and I decided to apply my entry fee to next year’s in-person. So I only have the Fort Hill 5K to look forward to before the marathon itself. Very soon, since I finished writing this 10/3!

Date (temp/humidity)DistanceAvg pace/fastest splitTimeHR (avg/highest)Notes
Tue 9/7 (59°F/55%)5.5512:33/12:001:09:40154/197 (really?)
Thu 9/9 (67°F/99%)~1814:28/13:41~4:23:00148/166Runkeeper crash
Fri 9/10 (73°F/56%)5.1315:31/13:301:19:36140/162J walk I run
Sun 9/12 (69°F/79%)10.3212:38/11:502:06:23169/188Black Birch 10 miler
Totals39 miles9 hoursWeight avg 113.1, resting heart 57

Training week 11: dates for fuel

I’m behind on this again – posting 9/30/2021 for the week ending 9/5 – hey, at least it’s the same month! I am discovering that as I age, I lose not only physical stamina but also attentional stamina. There’s been a bunch of work stuff going on that’s soaked up way more of my energy than I’d ideally let it. Always learning, always trying to grow…

On the medium (8-mile) run through the Meadows in Northampton, I spotted an old apple tree, on a semi-abandoned verge, with an abundance of very large windfalls. My sample tasted much juicier and sweeter than typical wild-reverted apples, so one of these years I’ll fetch some to make a pie. Then near the airfield I think I saw maturing chestnuts. So much to forage if one pays attention!

The long run took me to 70.52% of Easthampton – stuck at #3 – but I dipped into Southampton to complete part of the western edge and I SAW A BEAR! Always super-exciting. Just over the city line on Glendale Road, I heard crashing in the brush and it emerged onto the road. Before I could get to the camera on my phone it noticed me, did almost a cartoon double-take, and rushed across the road.

The other notable aspect of the long run was adding in fuel – specifically Deglet Noor dates to try something different taste-wise from the Medjool I’d used the last time. They don’t have as many calories and I was aiming for 100-120/hour, but reaching that would have meant pretty much bringing the whole container. Instead I just stuffed a bunch into a baggie and ate 2 every two miles, cutting down to one at a time near the end. I’m not sure it made much difference. My body is well-accustomed to burning whatever’s on hand, glycogen or no glycogen. Thank you, fat-adapted metabolism (if that’s what’s going on)!

Date (temp/humidity)DistanceAvg pace/fastest splitTimeHR (avg/highest)Notes
Tue 8/31 (66°F/93%)5.3112:41/11:561:07:25146/166
Wed 9/1 (64°F/92%)8.1713:08/11:521:47:15140/164 (intervals only)
Fri 9/3 (56°F/86%)5.6612:16/11:501:10:19153/168
Sun 9/5 (57°F/93%)16.7813:40/12:553:49:24143/174
Totals35.9 miles7.9 hoursWeight avg 114.2, resting heart 57

Weekday photos (Northampton)

Long run (Easthampton)