Training week 14: taper begins

Wow, tapering already – which means my only injury was my fall at the beginning of August, ie no overuse injuries! That’s a great first. It must help that I’ve been doing my mini-Pilates routine every single morning, to keep my core strong, and most days I’ve also kept up with the NYTimes 7-minute workout (as well as plenty of walking, biking, and hiking). My fitness is probably the most balanced it’s been maybe ever. The right thumb I sprained (or whatever) in my fall is still a little weaker and larger than the left, nine weeks later, but I’m sure it will continue to heal. Yay almost-57 me!

No problems with blisters or chafing either. Modern clothes technology is great – I run in yoga shorts that have no seams, super-comfortable with pockets.

We visited my dear mother-in-law in Rochester, NY this week so I got to add some streets there. But the city is HUGE and I’m still under 3% despite having run 50+ streets. So much beautiful architecture – I explored the Corn Hill neighborhood, new to me, and discovered that’s it’s a location on the Mississippi Blues Trail because Son House lived there for many years.

My Sunday run in Easthampton finally got me to 1st place with 94.22%. I’m posting this on 10/31/2021 without any Easthampton photos because I’m doing NaNoWriMo in November and all my writing time will be devoted to that. I may come back and finish these posts at some point, but just want to get something up now!

Date (temp/humidity)DistanceAvg pace/fastest splitTimeHR (avg/highest)Notes
Tue 9/21 (52°F/100%)5.0112:01/11:091:00:11147/172
Wed 9/22 (65°F/95%)8.1714:57/13:002:02:06128/160Rochester, lots of map checking and traffic lights
Thu 9/23 (62°F/94%)5.5714:21/13:421:19:54158/209 (can’t be right – error because of moisture???)Rochester, rainy
Sun 9/26 (56°F/94%)9.6213:12/12:382:06:571143/177
Totals 28,4 miles7.5 hoursWeight avg 113.8, resting heart 56

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