Training week 2

Exploring Easthampton is great – I’m so glad I picked this as my challenge. It’s fun moving up the CityStrides ranks quickly at the beginning. I went from 22nd place to 15th and doubled the percentage covered (12.14% of the streets) by knocking off a lot of short streets. The low-hanging fruit won’t last forever but it’s fun. I found a new conservation area to come back and explore (Pomeroy Meadow Conservation Area), vicariously enjoyed amazing gardens, saw tons of bunnies, and amused myself puzzling over why the years on the fence at Williston seem to be in random order (answer: it was originally tied to meeting a fundraising goal per class). The Williston gateway has a plaque for William Leonard Pitcher, class of 1891, “with the happy knack of making people feel better” (reminds me of Jonathan!) My favorite find was Wonky Owl Farm. I also spotted a bunch of mushrooms I’m pretty sure were king bolete (Boletus edulis), which I’ve always wanted to try, but they were on someone’s lawn (South Street near Glendale) so I’d need permission to pick them and I didn’t have a knife or bag anyway. Maybe I’ll get a chance to go back someday.

Date (temp/humidity)DistanceAvg pace/fastest splitTimeHR (avg/highest)Notes
Tue 6/29 (82°F/81%)3.0312:22/12:0137:26143/174Gave blood later that day but it didn’t have much of an effect based on subsequent numbers, yay!
Thu 7/1 (72°F/92%)~412:06/11:36~ 48139/162Runkeeper crashed at 2.5 miles; intervals
Fri 7/2 (65°F/96%)3.0112:30/11:5337:35143/163
Sun 7/4 (56°F/95%)6.0513:34/12:491:22:09144/170
Totals~16 miles~3.4 hoursWeight avg 116.2, resting heart 58

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